Captain Dylan Salzmann

Dylan takes the helm on When And If excited to enjoy her classic appeal, speed and agility along with the new challenges her hybrid schooner-yacht status offers. With 10 years' captaincy throughout the Florida Keys, the Caribbean, the coast of Maine and the North East behind him, he looks forward to When And If's varied sailing programme in those grounds and beyond!

Gray Meyer

An old hand returns: Grey is a ruthlessly ambitious sailor who regards When And If as his spiritual home having begun his yachting career aboard. Taking regular breaks to update his resume on such classic behemoths as Pride of Baltimore and Lynx, he comes back to When And If enlightened, refreshed, educated and raring to go.



More smiley than you might imagine from his moody thousand-yard-stare, Pete first stepped aboard during his Summer holiday in 2017 and returns this year to continue his sailing adventure. An expert in canon care and maintenance, he's excited to be back on board to make When And If shine!