Tall Ships Great Lakes 2016

Great Lakes for Summer 2016

Our Great Lakes Tour with the Tall Ships Festival begins at Fairport, OH on 7th July 2016. Click the numbers to see the ports and for information on how to book a daysail with us. Click the coloured routes marked between ports if you’d like to do some 2, 5 or even 10 day passages across the lakes!

1st – 5th July

Put In Bay, OH

7th – 10th July

Fairport, OH

14th – 17th July

Bay City, MI

28th – 31st July

Chicago, IL

4th – 7th August

Green Bay, WI

18th – 21st August

Duluth, MN

25th – 28th August

Marquette, MI

8th – 11th September

Erie, PA

16th – 18th September

Brockville, ON