With apologies for our lengthy absence…

This post marks the beginning of what we hope will be an increasingly well maintained record of our doings as we prepare When and If for her round-the-world voyage.

From where we left off last, it starts with a great season in Key West, Florida:

File Mar 17, 10 01 23

…which included a busy season of daysails, sunset sails, private charters, memorials, weddings and regattas, not to mention our first bit of spinnaker action! 3 out of 4 of the world famous Key West Wreckers Races won against the Schooner America – “America’s Fastest Schooner” Thank you! Yes, thank you, thank you.

Then there was the Northbound, complete with old friends, new crew, sea turtles, dolphins, whales, hammerhead sharks, mahimahi and tuna. Some things we ate, some things we just left swimming but we enjoyed all of it undoer mostly dead calm conditions.

IMG_2284    IMG_2292    IMG_2290

And so to New York, where we tasted the delights of Brooklyn (we thought we were ever so cool and edgy) Rocked out an awesome party for our friends at, hosted a photoshoot for Man Of The World magazine, then headed North and West up the Hudson to Albany to pull the sticks.

IMG_2348  IMG_2358  IMG_2320  IMG_2427

A few million locks, 420 feet up and 160 feet down and a lot of varnishing later, and we’re safely berthed in Sodus Bay, NY giving the old girl a much needed facelift. Photos, videos and all that good stuff to come but here’s a sneak peek!



I leave you, dear reader, with the promise that I will be doing my level best over the coming season to bring this particular section of our website up to speed, make it worthy of your time and of our cause, and create a space more fitting to the circumnavigational journey of General Patton’s private yacht, and the fulfilment of The Old Man’s dream!